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Small one-finger games

Take a look at some of our previous work. We take pride in building successful applications for our clients!

Gravity Cactus

In the grueling desert conditions even the cactus are feeling unwell. In addition to this, the desert is teeming with moving triangles that do not leave anyone alive. Young cactus named Jack with his friends go on a long journey in search of water, and only you can help them to overcome all difficulties and reach the goal. Change the gravity, avoid triangles and set new records!

Fantastic Brick

How often do you see bricks drifting in the space? We do not see it often too. But we do see a fantastic brick that is trying to survive in this merciless world. Right here, in this app. The rules are simple: move the brick with your beautiful finger and squeeze between the walls. Be careful and precise to save the brick. Save a brick - save the planet! No worries, it is not as simple as it sounds. I bet your reaction is not fast enough to pass even 5 walls, even though our outstanding designer did a really great job. The game looks fascinating. You will definitely like it, I promise, check it out!

Guess the Movie

Each level will challenge you with a unique puzzle that represents a movie. Use your logic and imagination to guess the movie name. Even if you feel helpless and miserable because you can’t solve a complicated puzzle - no worries! We got you. You can use hints to make your life merrier and move on. We have 40 fascinating levels for you, try solving them all!


Can you guess the weight of each side and keep the arrow in the correct position. Hardest game on planet but easy to play but hard to master and you can even beat the score of 5. Challenge to your friends on Game Center/p>